St.Michael's College

1st Year 2021/22


With the Summer term now up and running, it's time to turn our attention to the students who'll be joining us at the end of August to make the big move to Secondary school. It's therefore a "Welcome Back" for any returning parents and "Welcome Aboard" to any parents joining us for the first time. Thankfully with vaccines rolling out over the coming months, we should have the days of home-schooling behind us, so the new 1st Years will be able to look forward to a full year of normal school (fingers crossed!). To get the ball rolling, there's a couple of small jobs to get done over the next week or two and I've outlined these below.

Contact emails

email is the primary method of communication with parents so if you wish to be kept in the loop as the new school year approaches (and obviously during the year once we get started), it is important to make sure that we have your correct email address. If you received an email directing you to this webpage, then you're on the 1st Year mailing list and there's no need to do anything. If you did not receive an email directing you to this webpage then there are two possible courses of action - Firstly, have a quick check in your 'spam' or 'junk' folder (sometimes a first message from our mailing list goes there and if it did, simply click on it and select 'not junk'). If there's no sign of a message in your inbox or your spam folder, drop me an email and I can easily add you to our mailing list.

Your Son's Details

If you CLICK HERE, you will find a short form asking for your son's preferred name, date of birth, and a couple of other details. This is used to double check the details that we have on file, to make sure that teachers have your son's name the way he wants to be addressed, and to confirm his date of birth for activities, etc. If you can CLICK THE LINK and submit the form over the next few days, that would be greatly appreciated.


If you have any questions about the school or 1st Year, please feel free to send me a message at any stage.

I will be back in touch three times over the Summer - In mid-June, uniform / book lists will be shared, in early July I'll send you some small work for your son to prepare (just a short introduction of himself), and in early August we'll send everyone all of the details and arrangements for the start of the new school year.


If you aren't already seeing our up-to-date school news, it might be a good idea to either check our website newspage from time to time (CLICK HERE), or to follow us on Twitter (CLICK HERE) or Facebook (CLICK HERE).

David Wilson

1st Year Head  

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