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1ST YEAR - May 27th


With the 1st Years all finishing their exam (and the school year!) tomorrow, our weekly update is going out a day earlier than usual and with a few post-test reminders. Firstly, if you have any need to get in touch about any exam (e.g if your son missed one through illness etc), the best bet would be to contact the subject teacher directly. Emails for all staff members are on the 'contact' page of the school website (CLICK HERE). Secondly, the results are currently expected to be live on VSware from Monday 15th June. If you log-in at that point you should be able to see all of your son's results. If you are unable to log-in or can't remember your username/password, Edel in the Admin office is the person with access to those details. She can be contacted at

2nd Year

Two things from this year will carry-over into 2nd Year. The first of these is the next round of vaccinations that were due to be completed a month or so ago. We are expecting that the HSE will be advising us of a new date in the autumn and details will be passed on to you at that stage. Equally, we had a large group of students due to be travelling to Carlingford Adventure Centre in March and the centre are happy for us to reschedule this whenever is possible during 2nd Year. Once dates for that are confirmed, everyone will be informed and if any signed up people want to withdraw (or vice versa) at that stage, there'll be no problem. I will pass both of these issues on to the person in charge as soon as we know who the 2nd Year Head will be.

Lockers & Books

With the holidays upon us, lots of people will probably want to call in to collect books and other items that were left in lockers. The lockers and locker area are currently undergoing a clean-up, so the contents of lockers have been moved and will be placed in piles (student by student) in Room 10 from Tuesday (Monday is a Bank Holiday so there will only be access into the building from Tuesday). Firstly therefore, it is important to not call in over the next few days (since everything is in storage at the moment). From Tuesday, if you wish to collect your things, it will be possible to come to the school. This of course needs to be done in a safe way, so if anyone is planning to visit over the next week or two, please don't do so in a group and if in doubt, call the school admin office in advance (2189400) to check that the building is open. (Obviously with current travel restrictions, it is not a problem if some people living further away, need to leave their things in the school for the coming weeks). Please go straight to Room 10, find the pile with your name on it and take your things. If you cannot find something (which did not have your name on it), these unnamed items will be on the shelves beside the 1st Year lockers. If you are unable to locate anything when you visit, please notify the facilities manager:

In terms of books for 2nd Year, the boys will already have most of these. If you would like to get sorted or put in an order with one of the online delivery services, the booklist for Second Year is now available by CLICKING HERE


The last paragraph on the last weekly update of the year! A huge thanks to everyone for their support during what will undoubtedly prove to be one of the most unusual years ever. We had almost 7 great months together with the boys in school, during which time they were not only absolutely brilliant to look after, but also great fun and hugely enthusiastic about everything we did. They were incredibly unlucky to have missed out on our Summer term, but their resilience and ability to work independently from home was really impressive. The last few months have been extremely hard for everyone, balancing work, family, studies, as well as the huge stress of the unknown. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time, for all of your comments and feedback throughout the year, for your support with our events and activities (particularly your committed parent reps, Jillian and Clare). Most of all however, having spoken with you in August about the aim of building indpendence and confidence in the boys during 1st Year, I have greatly appreciated that you have given them the space to do this, and afforded me the opportunity to push them out of their comfort zones.

I've put together a few memories from 1st Year which you can watch by CLICKING HERE - Have a great Summer!

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