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October 17th.


Our October Challenge drew a brilliant gang of the 1st Year lads, as they aimed to complete a mile swim. Almost 70 of the boys signed up and we thankfully had a 100% successful completion rate.

The hidden learning in these events is of course the chance for the students to take responsibility, sign up for themselves, check their times themsleves, get in touch themselves if they need to change or cancel. It has been brilliant to see the increased confidence and competence, with almost every one of them able to do all of these things independently now.


We've also had some valuable observations at our events over the last couple of weeks. After our Rugby World Cup Charity viewing, the hall was understandably quite messy, with desks, popcorn, empty bottles etc everywhere. It was therefore very interesting to watch as about twenty of the boys (without being asked) immediately began cleaning the entire hall (during their lunch break) and left it absolutely spotless.

Equally, at our swim event last Saturday, it was clear that some of the 1st Year boys were able to understand (and politely thanked) the contribution provided by our Transition Year helpers (older students who, for no payment, gave up their day, spending over ten hours helping us out in the pool area). It has been very impressive to see the connection between the boys who are taking on responsibility, growing in maturity and at the same time, showing an ability to have an awareness of and consideration for others.


A big thanks for everyone's help with the vaccine programme this week. We had a small number of wobbles but by and large the boys got through it in positive style and the nurses were very complimentary about their attitudes.

Coffee Morning

A quick reminder that a social coffee morning has been planned by your 1st Year parent reps for tomorrow. It's a chance for parents of all 1st Year boys to meet and catch-up and an opportunity to welcome new parents to the school.

Date: Friday 18th October

Time: From 9am

Location: Radisson St. Helen’s, where a space has been reserved in the lounge area.

Clare and Jillian hope to see as many of you as possible, and look forward to meeting new faces and old friends. email:

Junior Cycle

It might seem like a long way away, but the Junior Cycle actually kicks off well before 3rd Year these days. I've tried to summarise the 4 parts of the new Junior Cycle for the students and you can find our poster by CLICKING HERE. It's just an initial intro and we'll pass on more info about some of the key areas later in the year.