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January 17th

Cup Season

Over the next few weeks, the Senior and Junior Cup rugby teams will be beginning their cup campaigns. On the days of these matches, the school allows all other students to finish slightly earlier than normal, so that they can go to support. Almost all of the matches are in Donnybrook, which obviously makes it pretty convenient for the boys to just walk up the road. The only complication is that the first Senior match on January 30th is in Terenure Rugby Club, so we'll pass on the arrangements for that in next week's newsletter.


There's another interesting Irish Times article available by CLICKING HERE.

Movie Night

The Parents' Association are holding their annual Movie Night on January 28th. You can find the details by CLICKING HERE (sorry for the poor quality - It's just a photo of the poster).

6th Years

Some of the 6th Years took our 1st Year SPHE classes this week and had a chat with the lads about 'Things I wish I knew when I was in 1st Year'.  There was positive feedback all-round from the 1st Year boys afterwards and hopefully it was also a chance to make a bit of a link with some of the older guys.

National Concert Hall

The tickets are now available for the National Concert Hall 75th Anniversary Celebration (St.Michael's is 75 years old this year). The event will feature performances from students (including 1st Years), staff and parents. Tickets and further details are on the National Concert Hall website -

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