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We're only a few months away from welcoming our new 1st Year students into St.Michael's and there are therefore a few items of information to pass on at this stage.


The full school calendar is available by CLICKING HERE and all of the important 2019/20 dates will be added over the summer months. You can view updates to that calendar anytime at the link above, or you can 'subscribe' to the calendar, meaning that dates of events and activities will automatically appear on whatever calendar app you use on your own phone/tablet/computer.

For the moment, there are just three initial dates to take note of...

Friday August 23rd: Meeting for parents of incoming 1st Years at 7.30pm, to outline the arrangements for the year.

Saturday August 24th: Opportunity for the boys to call in, get their books in their locker, orient themselves with the classrooms, etc.

Monday August 26th: Start of school. 12.20pm to 3.35pm.  


The school uniform requirements are available by CLICKING HERE. There is no need to buy everything at this link - For school uniform, the boys need the official school grey jumper and tie (available at the link above), but the grey trousers, light blue shirt and black shoes can obviously be sourced wherever suits. For boys planning to play rugby, the official jersey, shorts and socks are required (again, at the link above), but any bag, tracksuit, t-shirt, etc is totally fine. In other words, no-one needs to be decked out from head to foot in St.Michael's merchandise!


The book-list for 1st Year is now available by CLICKING HERE.


Class Groups

The boys will be split into different class groups for their core subjects (but will be mixed as a group for their choice subjects, at breaks, lunch, and for extra-curricular sports and activities).

It is hugely important that we use the start of 1st Year as an opportunity to integrate everyone and to encourage new friendships. For that reason we actively mix any pre-existing groups between the five classes. The aim is of course to maintain any current friendships but also to help everyone to make a big group of new friends as well - Something that doesn't happen if we simply leave all of the boys together with their existing friends.

This will all be fully explained when we meet at the end of August, but in the meantime it would definitely be a good idea to start reminding the boys that 1st Year is a new start, with new challenges and new friends to be made. Everyone will be encouraged and supported as they mix for the first time, and we will arrange activities and events to help make the initial few weeks a little easier.

Mailing List

If you have received an email directing you to this webpage, then you are on the current mailing list for incoming 1st Year parents. If you would either like to be removed from that mailing list, or if you would like to add any additional address(es), just drop me a message and I can do that straight away.


If you have any questions about the start of 1st Year, please contact Mr.Wilson (1st Year Head 2019/20) at: