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December 5th.

Christmas Exams

A quick reminder first of all that the Christmas exams begin next week and the timetable is available by CLICKING HERE.

The boys only need to be here for the tests they are doing (so if they don't have a test on any given morning or afternoon, they do not need to be here). They will be encouraged to not hang around after tests, but to head home and study for the next day.


Some initial advanced notice to everyone that our school trip for 1st Year will take place at the start of the Easter Holidays. This is completely optional of course but I just wanted to flag the dates in case your son is particularly keen to come and you are trying to work any other Easter activities around this.

The trip is a reward for positive effort and behaviour in school and will therefore be offered to everyone who has attained that standard. The plan is to travel to Carlingford Adventure Centre for a weekend of activities (and our April 1st Year Challenge will also take place there). Since we have a large year group, we actually need to travel in two batches...

1.1, 1.2 and the top half of 1.3 will have the option to travel from April 3rd to 5th.

1.4, 1.5 and the bottom half of 1.3 will have the option to travel from April 5th to April 7th.

It is not workable for us to allow students to pick which group they will be with, so in the interests of fairness, the dates above will apply to everyone.


As a timely reminder for all the boys preparing for their Christmas exams, the following article was shared with them yesterday. You can view it by CLICKING HERE.


Next Tuesday 10th is our last day of class and all students in the school are entitled to add a little Christmas flair to their uniform, in return for a charitable donation. The boys still need to wear their uniform to class, but if they donate €2, they can also wear something like a Christmas jumper or a Santa Hat or some tinsel, etc.


We have a decent number of students currently absent (and a few struggling in here) with cold/flu symptoms. If anyone is a little under the weather, there might be an argument for staying home tomorrow (Friday), taking it completely easy over the weekend and therefore being 100% recovered for the exams next week?


The Parents' Association are putting on a Movie Night and the details are now available. You can CLICK HERE for all the details.