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April 2nd


Thanks to everyone for the ongoing understanding at this difficult time. It seems that in relation to 1st Year, the challenge has been to balance the wide spectrum of preferences and experiences from parents. While keeping the boys busy is certainly a priority, we're probably getting marginally more feedback in relation to too much work being sent out, and slightly less in relation to too little. Ultimately, when it comes to any suggestions for distance learning it's always going to be difficult for the teachers to coordinate perfectly and to assign work at a volume that meets everyone's needs, so just two pieces of advice if you find that your son...

a) Has too much work to do: Bear in mind that all of this work is suggested and not essential, so there's no problem at all if he/you wants to schedule the day and stop doing school work whenever it reaches a point that a reasonable amount has been done. Anything left over can be kept for a day that he might have a bit more time available.

b) Has too little work to do: Earlier this week I made a quick video for the boys to let them know what types of revision work they could be doing if they are finding themselves with spare time. You can CLICK HERE to watch the video that the boys received. Equally, feel free to touch base directly with any teacher(s) if you feel that your son could be doing more work in any particular subject(s). The teachers' email addresses are all on the 'Contact' page of the school website. Almost all of the work is being shared on 'Google Classroom' so feel free to check this app on your son's phone if you think he may not be doing all that he should!


Obviously we're in very unusual times but tomorrow (Friday) sees the start of the Easter holidays. It is likely therefore that contact from teachers, assignment of work etc will be significantly reduced for the next couple of weeks.


I've been keeping in touch with the boys by posting information for them everyday on Google Classroom, just trying to maintain some element of social connection with the school and each other. We've had a brilliant number of them getting involved in our recent isolation tasks and events. You can watch a video of some of the things they've been doing by CLICKING HERE.

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