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Saint Strong - Building a Stronger Future

The mission of the St. Michael's strength and conditioning department aims to provide each student-athlete with an opportunity to lay the foundations to achieve their athletic potential in the safest most efficient manner possible. Student-athletes across a range of sporting disciplines offered within the school are encouraged to partake in regular use of the Strength and Conditioning programme.  We believe the presence of an effective developmental programme, of which strength and conditioning plays a major part, can significantly assist a student-athlete in optimising their full potential over the long term. Our training philosophy is centred on safe, efficient, and effective exercise programs. We ensure our athletes are educated on training processes, and adequately prepared for the demands of their chosen sport. Regardless of the sport being played or the athlete's goals, the same core values of hard work, consistency, and self-improvement are reinforced. The strength and conditioning department are always looking to develop the best possible methods in the safest manner to help St. Michael's student-athletes go from strength to strength in their chosen field.

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