2013 Edited by Mr. O.Doolan

2012 Edited by Mr. O.Doolan

2011 Edited by Mr. O.Doolan

2010 Edited by Mr. O.Doolan

2009 Edited by Ms. D.McEvoy

2008 Edited by Ms. D.McEvoy

2007 Edited by Ms. D.McEvoy

2000 Edited by Ms. J.Nelson

2001 Edited by Ms. J.Nelson

2002 Edited by Ms. J.Nelson

2003 Edited by Ms. J.Nelson

2004 Edited by Ms. J.Delaney

2005 Edited by Ms. D.McEvoy

2006 Edited by Ms. D.McEvoy

1999 Edited by Ms. J.Nelson

1998 Edited by Fr.Pat McGlynn

1997 Edited by Fr.Pat McGlynn

1996 Edited by Fr.Pat McGlynn

1995 Edited by Fr.Pat McGlynn

1994 Edited by Fr.Pat McGlynn

1993 Edited by Fr.Pat McGlynn

1986 Edited by Mr.T.McCormack

1987 Edited by Fr.PatMcGlynn

1988 Edited by Fr.Pat McGlynn

1989 Edited by Fr.Pat McGlynn

1990 Edited by Fr.Pat McGlynn

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1992 Edited by Fr.Pat McGlynn

1979 Edited by Fr.Leo McGarry

1980 Edited by Fr.Lloyd Rebeyro

1981 Edited by Fr.Lloyd Rebeyro

1982 Edited by Fr.Lloyd Rebeyro

1983 Edited by Fr.Lloyd Rebeyro

1984 Edited by Mr.T.McCormack

1985 Edited by Mr.T.McCormack

1978 Edited by Fr.Leo McGarry

1977 Edited by Fr.Leo McGarry

2014 Edited by Mr. O.Doolan

2015 Edited by Mr. O.Doolan

College Annual Archive.

Welcome to our online archive of the College Annual.  Every year since 1977 a yearbook has been compiled, with pictures and reports of all the major events and activities from the school year.  The current editor of the Annual, Mr.Doolan, has recently completed the fantastic job of scanning and uploading each of the yearbooks to create the online archive you will find below. To view (and download if you wish) any of our previous Annuals, please feel free to click the year of your choice below.  On the screen that then appears, simply click ‘Download’ and the Annual will be saved to your computer or tablet.  If you have any feedback or any content for the next edition of the Annual, please click HERE.

St.Michael's College

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