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What is Applied Mathematics?

Applied Mathematics is the study of Mathematics related to the world in which we live in.  The book used for the course is Fundamental Applied Mathematics (2nd Edition) written by Oliver Murphy.  Applied Mathematics is looked upon favourably by 3rd level institutions and future employers due to its emphasis on problem solving techniques.

Materials Needed

All that is required for Applied Mathematics is a pen, pencil, ruler, calculator and the ability to think!

Transition Year

In Transition Year, every student is given a taster in the subject through the Applied Mathematics module.  This module covers the Linear Acceleration part of the course and is accessible to all students regardless of Mathematical ability.

Applied Mathematics Leaving Certificate Course

Applied Mathematics is usually taught outside of mainstream school hours.  If there are sufficient numbers requesting Applied Mathematics, provisions will be made for Applied Mathematics to be run within normal school hours.

Topics Covered

Vectors, Uniform Acceleration, Projectiles, Relative Velocity, Newton's Laws and Connected Particles, Work, Power, Energy and Momentum, Impacts and Collisions, Statics, Differential Equations, Moments of Inertia

Useful Applied Mathematics Links

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