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View Our Calendar.

You'll find a full online version of our calendar below. Click on any entry for further details. You can also CLICK HERE to print a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

Subscribe to Our Calendar.

If you use any calendar app on your phone, tablet or computer, you can now ‘subscribe’ to our school calendar.  This means no more looking up dates/times of school activities, matches and events – everything will appear directly and automatically in your own calendar!  See the bottom of the page for the simple instructions.


Subscribing to Our Calendar On Your Phone/Tablet/Computer.

Subscribing to our school calendar means that everything in our calendar will appear automatically in whatever calendar you currently use on your own phone, tablet, or computer. You’ll only need to do this once and then all updates, new events for each school year, etc will be added automatically to your own calendar. There’s just a few quick steps to make this happen…

Our calendar address is:

If you use an iPhone or iPad.

Go to 'Settings', 'Passwords & Accounts', 'Add Account' and then select 'Other'. Now select 'Add Subscribed Calendar', paste our calendar address (see above) and then click 'Next'.

If you use Google Calendar.

Open Google calendars on your computer. To the left of the page click the plus sign beside your list of calendars. Click 'From URL’. In the box that pops up, paste our calendar address and click 'Add Calendar'.

If you use a Mac Calendar.

Open iCal on your Mac. Under the ‘File’ tab, click ‘New Calendar Subscription’. In the box that pops up, paste our calendar address (see above). Click 'Subscribe'.

A) During the year the Parents' Association will host class coffee mornings and will notify parents of dates in advance.

B) A comprehensive calendar of Transition Year events and activities is also available for parents from the Transition Year Coordinator, Mr Aaron Copeland.

C) Throughout the year the school will be involved in school development planning. Should school time be required to facilitate the process, parents will be notified of this in advance.