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Although it is difficult to completely narrow down all the activities in which the Chaplaincy Team is involved,  the Team has chosen to  prioritise the following areas.  These are: Liturgies, Retreats, Counselling, Charities, Immersion Projects.

Liturgies: From St. Michael's Day to Family Masses, these are offered to all students and their families during the school year.  Students are encouraged to get involved in the liturgy through reciting readings, writing Prayers of the Faithful, singing, playing instruments, delivering reflections etc. In conjunction with Class Masses, the Chaplaincy Team also works on providing prayer services throughout the year.  These are to mark key events/festivals, or as the needs arise. The Chaplaincy Team also assists in providing Reconciliation Services and 6th Year Graduation Mass.

Retreats:  Each Year is given their own day out on retreat.  These retreats range from Dominican Retreat Centre in Tallaght, Emmaus in Swords, St. Kevin's Way and Glendalough in Co. Wicklow, walking retreats of Dublin city centre.  These days are challenging and thought provoking for all students.  It is the hope that the experiences will help inform the students' faith on their journey through school life.  

Counselling:  Counselling is an extremely important part of Chaplaincy services. Students are seen on a one to one or small group basis.  Individual students can be referred through teachers, Year Heads or Principal.  Students are also encouraged to make appointments themselves as they see fit. All other members of staff are made to feel welcome to drop into the office as they wish.  Over the last couple of years the Chaplaincy Office has been given a facelift.  This has made the space a warm/hospitable environment for whoever uses it.

Charities: Throughout the school year the Chaplaincy Team is involved with a number of charitable activities in conjunction with all Year groups, most notably the Hospice Coffee Morning, The Christmas Hamper Appeal, the Ghana appeal.  It is the aspiration of the Team to engage and challenge the students to give of their time and energy to help the less fortunate and marginalised in our society – (Vision of Founding Fathers – Conern for the Poor)

African Immersion Projects:  Since 2006 St. Michael's College has been involved in forging links with the wider Spiritan family in Africa.  This has taken the form of a trip with TY students to Kenya in 2006, to Ghana in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014.  To date this project have raised over €135,000 for the missions in Africa. One of the unique aspects of the trip is that the students see exactly where this money is spent.  The trip also offers the students the amazing opportunity to feel part of an African community - although this opportunity may only be for 10/11 days, the memories last a lifetime!!!

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