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What is DCG?

Design and Communication  Graphics is a follow on subject from Junior Cycle Graphics. It is assessed in the following two areas:

1. Student Assignment 40%

2. Terminal Exam 60%

Graphics provides students with the opportunity for visualizing and comprehending  information presented verbally or graphically. Problem solving and creative thinking skills are developed through the analysis and solution of  both 2D 3D graphics. Graphics and  design  are communicated using freehand sketching skills, traditional draughting equipment and CAD. There is a great emphasis in the Leaving Certificate course on comprehension, analysis and  problem solving. In simple terms you must be able to understand what has to be  done, analyse how you are going to approach it and then proceed to solve the  problem. It is a very suitable subject for either architecture or engineering it is regarded as a useful asset if you are thinking of a technical course. It is recommended that you have completed Junior Cert Technical Graphics prior to picking DCG for senior cycle. If you are interested in selecting DCG without completing Junior Cert TG, discuss this with your DCG teacher.

Student Assignment

Every year 6th year DCG students are given a brief in the third week of September. The project is generally due the 2nd week of January. Each student must submit 14 A3 pages, including sketching, research, SolidWorks drawings, working drawings, design concept sketches etc. This project amounts to 40% of the coursework. The brief changes every year.2022

2022 - Reusable Travel Mug

2021 - Dashcam

2020 - Gaming Headset

2019- Drone

2018 - Computer Mouse

2017 - Tap

2016- Torch

2015 - Reusable Water Bottle

2014 - Lectern

2013 - Perfume Bottle

2012 - Sat Nav

2011- Game Controller

Sample Projects

Terminal Exam

The terminal exam is a weighting of 60% of the overall assessment. This is a board drawing exam similar to that of Junior Cert TG. In the exam you will be assessed on your knowledge and understanding of the following topics covered of the two years.

Plane and Descriptive Geometry

          Projection Systems

          Plane Geometry

          Conic Sections

          Descriptive Geometry of Lines and Planes

          Intersection and Development of Surfaces

Applied Graphics (Two options are selected for study in this area)

          Dynamic Mechanisms

          Structural Forms

          Geologic Geometry

          Surface Geometry


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