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Over the last number of years, The Green Schools Team has been very successful in securing three flags for the school; they have also promoting awareness of the three themes of Litter and Waste, Energy and Water. For the next two academic years, our role as the Green School's committee is to maintain standards in these areas while also aiming to achieve a new flag under the theme of Travel.

So far this academic year, the team has been working behind the scenes in going about and executing the following projects:

September: Litter and Waste Audit

October: School Light Bulb Audit

November: Rebuilt the Window Farm that Mr. Copeland and the team created last year, which illustrates an efficient use of water and energy

December: A survey of 30% of students in St. Michael's College was done to explore how we travel to school and our attitudes to travel

Window Farm

So what is a window farm? A window farm is a small herb or plant indoor garden. It doesn't use any soil or fertiliser meaning it won't make a mess. The farm uses and reuses water through a dripper. The water starts at a reservoir at the bottom and traveling up a small pipe and then the water drips out and onto the top plant and down the line of vertical plants and back into the reservoir to be used again.

When we constructed our window farm we had a frame specially made (thanks to those who made it) we then had to add the water reservoir, along with pipes and plant pots and connect them all altogether. It took a while to get the water flowing around the system as the pipe had to be placed in a specific location for the window farm to work.

These are the plans for the rest of the year:

January: An Environmental Review, February: Green School's Expo 2016, March: Greener Travel Campaign, April: Greener Travel Awareness Day, May: Travel Survey.

We look forward to working together with the whole school community in raising awareness of how we all need to play our part in protecting the environment of this beautiful world in which we live.

Remember, don't be mean, stay green!

The Green School's Team is: Mr. O'Connor, Ms Stephens, Joseph Walsh, Mark Tuley, Luca McArdle, Oisín Mc Mahon, Thomas Harran, Terry Keaney, Serguei Koustov, Lorcan O'Colmain Murray, Michael Ryan and Ben Murphy