It's really important that every student is comfortable using their school email address. It will be used for lots of things during the year. There are three steps to getting set up...

1. Get your school email address and password

Your Year Head will give you your new school email address and password.

2. First login on a computer

The first time you login to your new account should be on a computer (not on a phone or a tablet). To login, simply visit and enter your new email address and password. If the computer you are on is already logged into a google account, you need to sign out of that first, before you sign in with your school account.

Once you've signed in with your school email address and password, you should be brought to a screen which asks you if you want to change your password. This is really important and you definitely should change your password. (If you don't, random people will be able to see your emails).

3. Now you can login on your phone

Now you can set your email up on your phone so that you can get messages from the school and teachers during the day. To do this simply download the free GMail app from the app store and then enter your new school email and password when the app opens.

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