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First Year Physical Education

In 1st year we try to introduce the students to as many different sports as possible. We base each module on 6-8 week blocks. Main sports/activities covered are Hurling, Gaelic Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Athletics, Badminton and Aquatics. A huge focus in this year is on taking personal responsibility for ones own fitness levels. We regularly test students with a beep test, cooper run and a timed 2 mile run. We encourage all students to try to take part in as many sports as possible and to be active everyday.

Second Year Physical Education

In 2nd year we try to build on the concepts and activities covered in 1st year. Students should be aware of the importance of physical activity and be able to take responsibility for their own fitness levels. Tactical awareness in game situations is also explored in this year as well as a more in-depth look into sports and skills learned in 1st year.

Third Year Physical Education

Student focus in this year tends to be on their studies, we feel physical education can play an important part in releasing stress and pressure of exams. An invasion games league is run in this year, students are re-tested on beep test scores and can see how far they have progressed since first year results. Volleyball and badminton are continued in this year as well as outdoor activities of rounders, hurling, football and tip rugby.

Fourth Year Physical Education

As Transition year offers the opportunity to try new activities we try to set students challenges throughout the year. This year our main challenges are centred on aquatics (300m swim), physical fitness (beep test, cooper test, 2 mile run) and gym work. This is the first year where students can use the gym and practice various strength and conditioning exercises. Technique is emphasised as opposed to weight and students are given programmes to work from over an 8 week block. Sports and activities covered from 1st-3rd year are developed also in this year.

Fifth & Sixth Year

Continuing on from Transition year students develop their own gym programmes, with teacher supervision, and work from these in 6 week blocks. Students are once again tested with beep test runs and cooper tests. There is also an option to take part in an invasion games league, where different sports are incorporated into a league format over a 6 week block.

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