Freestyle Martial Arts is a class that introduces many aspects from the world of Martial Arts to students (appropriate to their age).  Students will learn skills from boxing, kickboxing, karate, Tae Kwon Do, Escrima, modern self defence, etc. and will develop a broad base from which they can build. Class takes place from  15:45 – 17:00 every Tuesday in The Pavilion (starting Tuesday 15th)

In Self Defence the student learns how to avoid/handle one or more attacker(s) in a ‘live’ situation – as very few predators play fair on the street this is not a sport.

Ed Dunne has been instructed directly under Mr. Dave Turton (9th Dan) who holds the highest grade in Europe and is one of the most respected instructors in Self Defence worldwide.  Mr. Turton has personally trained, referenced and recommended Ed as an instructor for Self Defence under ASMAA (All Styles Martial Arts Association) based in the UK.

Ed Dunne is the Chief Instructor for Protect Yourself ( ), specifically teaching students (in a friendly and safe environment) how to protect themselves with emphasis on learning to avoid a potential conflict, as well as physical techniques the course includes:

·         Development of awareness and how to assess your surroundings

·         How to assess a stranger if approached

·         Anti – bullying techniques and how to deal with aggressive peers

·         How to avoid being a target to potential predators

·         Common signs and behaviours of a predator

·         Trusting yourself – intuition, fear, suspicion, etc.

·         Increase confidence and improve ‘street sense’.

To achieve this classes focus on avoiding conflict but do also include ‘physical manoeuvres’ (striking and escape techniques) in case a situation develops that way.  Techniques demonstrated and taught are from traditional and modern defence systems and have been modified to be suitable for teenagers, moves are designed to temporarily disable the attacker to facilitate escape rather than inflict long term injury.


Students will need to wear sports attire – track suit, tee shirt, sports shoes, etc in time possibly a mouth guard and groin guard may be required.


The cost is €80.00 (€8.00 per class) payable up front for a 10 week course. Certificates and coloured belts will be awarded to students who wish to grade.

Kickboxing & Boxing

This is a sport which will improve strength, conditioning, balance, fitness, coordination, and confidence for all who participate

All students are instructed under Ed Dunne (3rd Dan and previous double world title holder) and are offered the chance to grade as far as Black Belt.  Students who wish to compete will be offered the opportunity to do so at a level of competition recommended by their instructor who will also attend and coach.

Classes include - physical exercise, drills on pads (punching and kicking) and some light sparring for those who wish to do so (sparring is optional and the appropriate protective clothing is mandatory).  While learning the sport of boxing and kickboxing each student will develop their own skill set in a very friendly and safe environment.


Students are required to have 16 oz gloves and other protective gear (available from the instructor) such as mouth guard, groin guard, foot pads, etc.


The cost is €80.00 (€8.00 per class) payable up front for a 10 week course. Certificates and coloured belts will be awarded to students who wish to grade.

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