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Admissions Notice

The Admission to Schools Act, 2018 sets out parameters for how places are allocated in second level schools. Section one of the St. Michael's Admissions Policy outlines how this operates. Please note that St. Michael's will continue to operate a waiting list up to 2025.  Any new applications to those lists must be submitted in October, a year ahead of the year of entry. Applications submitted before October cannot be accepted and will be returned. Where places are still available after the first five criteria of our admissions policy have been exhausted, a first come first served policy will continue to be used.

Admissions 2023

Applications for 1st Year 2023 are open from Monday 3rd October and will close on Monday 24th October at 4.00pm on October. Please note that due to changes in legislation there is no application fee applicable. If you already submitted an application before 2020 for entry in 2023, you do not need to reapply. You can refer to our Admissions Policy, listed under Resources on the school website, for further details.

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