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2D Graphics

In this strand, students will engage with, understand and apply the fundamental concepts and principles of 2D constructions, 2D shapes and projection systems. Throughout their studies, students will gain an appreciation of the application of 2D graphics to problem solving and develop an understanding of the role of 2D graphics in the creation of 3D objects and representations.

3D Graphics

In this strand, students will engage with, understand and use the fundamental concepts and principles underpinning 3D objects, modelling systems and graphical conventions. This strand is of specific importance in developing each student’s ability in visual imagery and representation. Students should as a result be able to accurately represent objects in three dimensions and apply these skills to problem solving. 

Applied Graphics

While the learning outcomes are set out under strand headings, this should not be taken to imply that the strands are to be studied in isolation. The students’ engagement and learning are optimised by a fully integrated experience across the three strands. To give further emphasis to the integrated nature of learning, the learning outcomes for each strand are grouped by reference to four elements – Spatial reasoning, Design thinking, Communicating and Geometric principles and constructions.


The Graphics course has seen some changes with the new Junior Cycle program. The subject is split into three strands of learning:

- 2D Graphics

- 3D Graphics

- Applied Graphics

The three strands are interlinked which has seen things change greatly in the classroom. Students are challenged through a variety of active teaching methodologies in interesting and stimulating learning environment . Students who have strong spatial reasoning thrive and enjoy Graphics greatly.

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