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So you're starting 1st Year with us at the end of the Summer and we thought it would be a good idea to share some information with you. If you look below, you'll find something to watch, a few things to read, and a short assignment to do. If you have any questions at any time, my email address is below. Let's go!

David Wilson, 1st Year Head


Our current 1st Years finished with us at the end of May and if you click on the video, you'll be able to see a few examples of the things they got up to this year. Don't forget that as well as the activities you'll see on the video, we've got lots of sports and activities every week during the year. To see the full list of these CLICK HERE.


I asked our current 1st Years for some ideas of questions they had before they started 1st Year. If you click the image of Tom and Seamus in Bunsen (favourite place to eat for 1st Year students!), you'll be able to see a list of questions they all thought you might want to ask (along with the answers).

Don't forget that if you have any extra questions, just email:


Finally, it's time for your first bit of secondary school homework! If you click the image of the Art class making pumpkins at Halloween, you'll be brought to a form that you can fill out on any phone, tablet or computer.

We'd really love if YOU (not your parents) could fill this out (as your first step to being an independent secondary school student!). It's not a test so there's no wrong answers!

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