St.Michael's College

1st Year 2022/23

If you have forgotten to submit either your introduction form or your photo I.D, the instructions are below...

Introduction Form

We need you to answer a few short questions for us, just so that we get to know a little bit about you before you start school. If you CLICK HERE, you'll be brought to a form that you can fill out on any phone, tablet or computer. We'd love if YOU (not your parents) could fill this out (as your first step to being an independent secondary school student!).

Photo I.D

Every student in the school needs to have an ID Photo on our school computer system, so that the teachers know who everyone is. To submit your photo, you can either CLICK HERE (which will bring you to a form you can use), or you can avoid using the form altogether and just email your name & photo to (Please make sure that your photo is bright, has a white wall behind you, and clearly shows your face). You don't need to wear school uniform in it! If it looks like the sample photo below, you've done the right thing.

St.Michael's College, Ailesbury Road, Dublin D04A373

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