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From time-to-time, you might find things a little more difficult than usual. This is extremely common and something that almost everybody experiences at various stages in their lives. You might be under pressure with exams, having a rocky patch with friends, struggling with things outside school, or just not feeling great. Fortunately, we have a strong support system here in St.Michael's and lots of people who are happy to help out. In order to make it as easy as possible for you to meet someone for a chat, we've created a 'one-click' system for arranging appointments with teachers. Every staff member listed below has volunteered to have their name included on the contact list, and to be available to meet and help you!

Why Make An Appointment?

Having a chat about something that is bothering you or about something you want advice on, is a really sensible step. Our  school staff have years of experience dealing with lots of issues affecting young people. Remember, that your concerns are worth our time - Coming to talk to someone even about a small issue, helps us all to make sure that nothing turns into a bigger problem. If you make an appointment to talk with any of the teachers below, they will give you options of times and locations in the school where you can arrange to meet. Other than in a couple of serious situations (*), everything you share with the teacher will remain confidential and not be passed on to anyone else.

(*) Teachers are required to pass on information to others if they are concerned about the safety and welfare of a student or others.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

On the list below, simply click on the name of the teacher you would be most comfortable speaking with. It's totally fine if this teacher doesn't teach you, or mightn't even know you - What's important is that you pick the person that you would be most comfortable speaking with. Once you click on the teacher's name, an email should open with their address and the subject line ('Request for an Appointment') already completed for you. There is no need for you to write anything in the email. Just click 'Send'. The teacher you have contacted will then get back to you over the coming days, and will arrange an appointment for you to meet with them at a quiet time.

If a blank email doesn't open when you click your chosen teacher below, just go to your email app, add the email address of the teacher you would like to speak with (all of their emails are available by CLICKING HERE), pop 'Request for an Appointment', in the subject line and then click 'Send'. There's no need to put any details in the message. Equally, feel free to approach any of the teachers below in person and ask "Can I make an appointment to speak with you about something"?

Everyone listed below is ready and willing to give you help, advice and direction with whatever you would like to chat about. This service is for you - Use it!

Who Would You Like To Speak With?

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