St.Michael's College

December 3rd


With just a week to go until our Christmas exams, the boys have been getting lots of reminders about preparation for this first set of tests. Crucially, the main aim is to simply experience the process of studying and then sitting through the week, so that everyone can be better placed to prepare effectively for the next big exams in May. Small steps, developing positive study habits and making consistent progress, are the hopes for the coming years.  

Rugby Charity

As I think you may already know, the school are participating in a charity collection for a rugby player (Philip Caldwell) who suffered extremely serious injuries in a tag-rugby game over the summer.  You can find the details by CLICKING HERE.


Our SPHE classes next week will be spent introducing the area of Mental Health. A few initiatives in this area will be launched with 1st Year in the New Year and therefore next week will be a chance to share some initial information in advance of this. If you would like to do some reading yourself, we'll be using resources in class from sources such as HERE and HERE.  


The boys have been advised to start bringing (and leaving) a few books home every day, so that by the end of next week, they'll have all of their stuff at home for exam study during the week of tests. It's no problem to leave a few things in the lockers over the holidays (as long as it's not food!).


A few questions have come from the boys about uniform during the exams. They are definitely still required to wear full uniform (and to have acceptable hair!) during the week of the tests.

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