St.Michael's College

April 9th

Welcome Back!

The great news as we all know is that the school will be open from Monday, for all year groups to get back into their normal class routines. The boys will be back to their regular school timetable (that they were using from September to Christmas), and we will be operating standard school hours (finishing at 3.35pm each day except Wednesdays). A few short items of information to get our Summer term started...


After 8 weeks of lockdown activities and challenges, with 4/5 tasks to complete each week, the top entries have been selected and the 40 or so winners will receive their prizes on Monday.  


All pre-Christmas COVID rules still apply in school and the students will all be expected to wear masks, wash hands often, keep a safe distance apart, etc.


Everyone will have brought all of their books and copies home for use during our period of home schooling. There is no need to drag every single item back on the first day (particularly for students who walk, cycle or take public transport). Ideally, students should bring in everything they need for Monday on the first day, and then bring the rest of their things back in the next day.

Sports / Activities

There are different arrangements for each after-school activity, so the boys should keep an eye on any extra-curricular Google Classroom groups that they are part of, to see if their usual activities are continuing. If in doubt, they can drop an email to the teacher in charge, or ask them on the corridor once we're back to school.

Summer Exams

The calendar for the rest of the year is that we have 5 and a half weeks of class, followed by a week and a half of Summer exams. The exams are due to start around May 19th/20th, and the Summer holidays then begin on Friday May 28th.


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