St.Michael's College

September 17th


As we head into our third week, the list of available after-school activities is starting to grow. The boys have been given this and have been reminded to keep an eye on the relevant webpage over the next week or two, as further activities will continue to be added. You can check the current list by CLICKING HERE.

Physical Wellbeing Week

Next week is Physical Wellbeing Week in school. Each Year group will participate in a specific activity and will be spoken to about the background and aims of the initiative. The 1st Year boys are getting a soccer tournament on Monday afternoon and the details will be shared with them later today/tomorrow. The Wellbeing Week poster is available by CLICKING HERE.

Subject Choices

A quick reminder that it will be important for the boys to be 100% sure of their subject choices by the end of September. They have all had a few weeks now to sample their initial choice subjects (Languages, Art, TG, Music, etc) and one or two have decided to switch in that time. While it is no problem to make a change at this early stage, it definitely becomes much more of a problem as time passes (and as they would be further and further behind in any new subject they might decide to switch to). It would probably be good to have a chat with your son over the next week or so therefore, just to make sure that he is totally happy with and committed to his current subject choices.

Bray Head

The planned walk to Bray Head is still ok to go ahead on Sunday week but we'll obviously check any COVID restrictions early next week and then make a definite call on it. If things are going ahead as planned, we'll send the final details to all of the boys who have signed up.

Doggy Wall!

The 1st Year office wall is filling up, as the boys have been bringing in pictures of their dogs. Looks like it was a popular purchase during the recent lockdown!


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