St.Michael's College

September 23rd


A big thanks first of all to everyone, for allowing your kitchens to be used last weekend for our 1st Year challenge. A whopping 88 boys completed the challenge, with a hugely impressive variety and volume of meals. I'm assuming the quality may not have been quite as impressive, but it was definitely a really positive start to the year to see so many of the boys willing and able to step out of their comfort zones and to have a go at something like this. You can see a batch of the photos by CLICKING HERE.

Days Off

Having just missed a day of school for our staff in-service training this week, I'm sure it will seem unusual that we have another two free days next week (Thursday and Friday). This is as a result of the St.Michael's long weekend (which is obviously unique to our school). On a positive note, all secondary schools are required to complete the same number of days in a year and therefore, even though we have now missed a few days at the beginning, this will all even up as the year goes on (with us being in school while other schools have days off later in the term).  


A little advance notice in relation to concussions - The boys have been hearing all about this in their SPHE (Health) class over the last week and therefore I just wanted to pass some information on to parents also. In the event that a possible concussion is reported to us, you will be contacted with the 'return to play' protocol - This will outline the steps required before the student is allowed to resume physical activity such as P.E classes, after-school sports, etc. An initial outline of this is available by CLICKING HERE. If your son experiences any injury (and of course particularly a head injury) that we may not be aware of, please make sure to drop me an email to inform us. Unfortunately as any of us who drive will probably know, it seems that lots of teenage boys from all schools, leave home with a helmet on and then take it off to make sure they 'look good' when cycling. As a result of this, the boys were reminded during our classes, how vitally important a helmet is when cycling (not necessarily in relation to concussion but more so in terms of preserving life).  


We're up to 8 students now, who have had their phones confiscated for use during school without permission. In almost all cases, the boys will say something like "I was just checking my timetable" or "I was just checking Google Classroom". As you can imagine, from our end, we can't go down the route of allowing explanations like this (because every boy ever caught with a phone, would say the same thing). If you receive a notification that your son's phone was taken, we are more than happy to keep it here for days or weeks if you would rather not collect it straight away. In fact, in almost all cases, we find that the longer a parent waits before collecting the phone, the less likely their son is to want to have it confiscated again.    


Ms.Delaney (SEN Coordinator) asked me to pass on details regarding an upcoming webinar on Dyslexia. This might be relevant for your 1st Year son, or for other children in your family and you can read the details by CLICKING HERE.


A few people have been experiencing problems trying to add credit to a canteen card. These cards are managed by an external company so we can't directly solve any issues here in school. The support email address for the company is active however and they tend to be quite quick and helpful when replying. If your son has any issues with his canteen card, an email can be sent to the following address: SUPPORT@DEBITRACK.COM


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