St.Michael's College

August 2022

Nearly There!

With August upon us and just a few weeks to go until the boys make their move to secondary school, it's time for the third and final summer mailshot for parents. At this stage, it's just a case of scrolling through the checklist below to make sure that the main jobs have been done. The five key things to tick-off are...

⬜ Books and Uniform

Your son should have most of his books before we start school. Sometimes it's hard to get certain titles so it's no problem if he's missing one or two books for the first week or two. Once he has the bulk of his booklist, a few school copies and a few pens, he'll be totally fine. Booklist Link.

He should have his uniform ready to go before day one. That's any fully black shoes, any grey trousers, any light blue shirt, and then the official school tie and jumper. Uniform Link.

⬜ e-Books

This is one that lots of people don't think about. If you look at the cover (or just inside the cover) of school text-books these days, they often provide a link or a code to access an online version of the book. It's a really good idea to follow the link and to keep a bookmark of it on some device at home. By doing this, it means that the boys can then leave their books in school the whole time and not have to keep carrying them in and out of school everyday. They can simply bring copies home for homework, knowing that they can access the book on a device there.


If your son has any additional educational needs, or is entitled to any specific accommodations or exemptions, please make sure that you touch base with our AEN Coordinator, Ms.Delaney a few days before we start school (not now!). If you have already done so, there's no need to contact her again at that stage.

️⬜ Homework

You might remember that in our mailshot at the beginning of July, there were two jobs for your son to do - We needed the boys to submit a short intro form (so that we know a little something about them before we start) and also an I.D photo for our vsware system. The great news is that more than three quarters of the incoming 1st Years have submitted everything and are now fully set-up. If your son hasn't yet submitted his intro form or I.D photo, you will receive a separate email today to let you know. If you don't receive a reminder email, he's all sorted!

⬜ Diary

Hopefully everyone has a note in their diary for our parents' introduction meeting on Friday August 26th at 7pm in the school Assembly Hall. The meeting will last about an hour. For those of you who use a calendar on your phone/tablet/computer, it's a very good idea to subscribe to the online school calendar. This basically means that all of the important dates, meetings, etc will appear automatically in your own calendar and you won't need to keep checking the school website for updates. To see the few short steps for subscribing to the calendar, CLICK HERE.


Our next mailshot will be sent early in the week of August 22nd, with some extra details about our meeting later that week, arrangements for the boys to drop-in on the 27th and information about the start of school the next week. If you have questions before then, please feel free to get in touch by email:

David Wilson

St.Michael's College, Ailesbury Road, Dublin D04A373

Ph: 2189400 / e-mail: