St.Michael's College

January 21st

Remote Learning

Two weeks of online school done and lots of positive feedback being received about how the 1st Year students are getting on. We're all getting used to the challenges of learning from home but we've had a fantastic level of punctuality, attendance and participation from the boys in their remote classes. Their timetable is fairly set in stone at this stage and is available by CLICKING HERE. Some of our teachers have fallen victom to illness themselves and in these cases, other teachers are trying to fill in for them (in this event, they've been contacting class groups directly to reschedule lessons) - Mr.Doolan is taking Ms.Delaney's Religion classes at the moment for example, so students in 1.4 class will have received Zoom links from him for those Religion lessons.

The Christmas reports are now live on vsware. You can click the vsware link at the top of the school website ( to view your son's report. Any questions about any subject can be directed to your son's teacher for that class. All of the staff emails are available by CLICKING HERE. If you have lost your vsware username or password, Edel in the Admin office is the only one who can give you these. She is at:

Huge thanks to everyone for encouraging your son(s) to get involved in our random tasks and challenges last week. We had a brilliant amount of the lads getting involved, getting away from staring into screens and doing some positive (and new) activities. You can see a video collage of some photos by CLICKING HERE. Sorry to anyone whose photos don't appear in the video - I put it together before the submission deadline passed so we had lots of people who sent photos on the last afternoon/evening (They therefore don't appear in the video but were definitely counted as participating). Also, it was pointed out to me that encouraging bonding with a Dad/Brother while changing a tyre and with a Mum/Sister by making Afternoon Tea for them, might have been seen as somewhat sexist - Obviously not intentional but apologies none-the-less!

In terms of activities for the coming week, I've shared some more tasks with the boys today. You can see the details by CLICKING HERE. If you're currently dealing with a screen-addict in your house (who finishes online school and is then straight onto X-Box, PlayStation, Tik-Tok, Instagram, etc), the feedback from our activities last week was that lots of parents seemed to use them as a carrot to get the boys doing something productive first - Feel free to hold onto the screen devices yourself and only make them available when some of our 'real-life' challenges have been completed by your son.  

Next Monday 25th, a Zoom Lunch will be hosted for 1st Year students to meet and have a chat over lunch as they would on a regular school day. This has been organised by Mr.O'Brien, who will send them all a Zoom link on Monday morning. Any student who is interested can join by clicking on the link which will be posted on the 1st Year Google Classroom. The meeting will be available to log in from 13:15, at 13:20. The group will be broken down into smaller, more manageable, groups for students to chat while eating lunch. The aim is to replicate a regular lunch-time as much as is possible and to bring students together away from regular class time and to provide them with a platform for social interaction.


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