St.Michael's College

June 2020

With our own secondary school term now over, and a month or so since our last mailshot for incoming 1st Year parents, you will find a few updates and reminders below...

Books & Uniform

The booklist for 2020/21 is available on the school website and you can find this by CLICKING HERE. Don't forget that there is no need to be buying books for subjects that your son will not be taking - He will need the books for the 'core subjects' (the ones that everybody does) and then for his two subject choices. The core subjects are: Irish (for most students), English, Maths, History, Geography, Business, Science, Religion, CSPE).

The school uniform is also available on the website by CLICKING HERE. There is no need to be buying everything on the uniform page - It's completely fine for the boys to wear their own gear for P.E, sports training etc, so the essentials are just black shoes, grey trousers and light blue shirt (all of which can be purchased in any shop), plus the grey jumper and 1st-3rd Year tie (which are both specific to the school and are only available on the website link mentioned above). Boys who are planning to play rugby will need the socks/shorts/jersey that you will see on the uniform link, but all other items (bags, tracksuits, hats, etc) are totally optional.

Resource / SEN

Mr.Rory O'Connor coordinates all of the Resource / SEN arrangements within the school. If you feel that your son may require or be entitled to any specific special educational allowances or resource hours (and if you haven't yet informed the school), please touch base with Rory to pass on details of any assessment or recommendation you have received for your son. His email is:

New Beginning

The school calendar for 2020/21 is currently being worked on, but the plan is to return to school during the final week of August. Our hope is to hold our information evening for incoming 1st Year parents just before our return, and to give the boys a chance (probably a day or two before we start) to drop in, have a look around, get their lockers, etc. Once we have definite dates for all of this, we will make sure to pass this on to you.


About 90 of the boys have submitted their small piece of summer homework (just giving us a little bit of background information about themselves and their interests). If your son hasn't yet submitted his information, it would be great if you could CLICK HERE and show him the form at the bottom of the page.


Our current 1st Year group have just finished up so we combined some of the clips from the year into a short video which you can watch by CLICKING HERE.

Please feel free to get in touch at any stage if you have any questions about 1st Year 2020/21.

Looking forward to meeting everyone soon,

David Wilson

1st Year Head

St.Michael's College, Ailesbury Road, Dublin, D04 A373

Ph: 2189400 / e-mail: