St.Michael's College

May 12th


The HSE are returning to the school on Monday and Tuesday next (16th/17th), for the second round of the usual 1st Year vaccination programme (the details are available by CLICKING HERE). As with the first round earlier in the year, the boys need to wear a t-shirt under their school shirts, so that they can pop off their shirt for the vaccine. There is no pre-determined schedule so the boys could be called on either Monday or Tuesday. If you have any questions about the vaccines, the best bet is to give the HSE a call over the coming days.

Summer Exam Timetable.

The timetable for the summer exams is attached below (or is also available by CLICKING HERE). If there are any changes, I will update the attachment as soon as I am notified of them.


We're entering the last few days of after-school activities for 1st Year. Our football tournament ended yesterday, the tennis team have one final match left and the basketball lads have an internal blitz next week. The aim is to wind things down so that the boys have a chance to get home at a reasonable hour to study.

Sports Day.

Friday of next week (20th) is Sports Day here in school. There is no need for any of the boys to wear uniform and instead, they will participate in a schedule of events and activities out on the pitches. They will get additional details in the days beforehand.


Over the coming days, the boys will be advised to start giving some thought to slowly emptying their lockers. As they reach the last few days of classes, they should be able to start leaving books and copies at home, so that they don't have to do this all in one big trek during the exams. Lockers need to be unlocked and fully emptied before we break for the holidays.

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