St.Michael's College

Confirmation of  a few initial details for our incoming 1st Year students…

Start Dates

Friday August 27th, 7pm to 8pm: Meeting for all incoming 1st Year students and parents. This is most likely to take place online.

Saturday August 28th, from 9.30am: School will be open for 1st Year students to receive their lockers, drop their school books in and be shown around the building. The boys can call in anytime during the day (up until 3.30pm) and will need a total of about 30/40 minutes to get the various jobs done.

Monday August 30th: First day of classes for 1st Year.


The 1st Year booklist is available BY CLICKING HERE.

For your son’s core subjects (Irish, English, Maths, History, Geography, Business, Science, Religion, CSPE), it’s fine to go ahead and buy those books whenever suits.

If your son is in any doubt about his subject choices (French, Spanish, German, Art, Music, Classical Studies, Technical Graphics), there’s no problem holding off on buying the books for whichever two of these he has chosen. It’s completely fine if he wants to start his subject choices and wait a couple of weeks into the school year before committing to his options and buying those books then.

NB1: Some of the Classical Studies books may be difficult to find. Mr.O’Riordan will be able to provide copies of the books in September if you are unable to source them yourself over the Summer.

NB2: Some people in recent years have started buying large plastic zip-containers to put books for each subject into. Just a quick word of warning, that while this might seem like a good idea, these tend not to fit in the lockers and as a result the boys often leave them on top of or under their locker (which means they inevitably go missing).



The school uniform is on the school website ( Click ‘Resources’ at the top of the page and you’ll see ‘Uniform’ on the drop-down menu.

Please Note: There’s no need to buy every item of merchandise on the uniform page (we don’t need your son to be a walking billboard for St.Michael’s!). The requirements are for him to have the grey school jumper, the 1st-3rd Year Tie, light blue shirts and grey trousers. Any black shoes are fine (no need to buy them from the Uniformity website). All other items on the uniform website (jackets, bags, tracksuits, etc) are completely optional. In fact, the risk of stocking up on branded items is that they tend to get mixed up and are harder to find if they do go missing in school.

If your son is planning to play rugby, he will need the school jersey/shorts/socks, but it’s ok to hold off buying these until he knows for sure that he wants to play. None of the other extra-curricular activities need special gear at this stage.

Next Contact

At the start of July, our next email will be sent, which will gather a few extra pieces of information about each of the students.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at any time.

David Wilson

1st Year Head  


St.Michael's College, Ailesbury Road, Dublin D04A373

Ph: 2189400 / e-mail: