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February 26th

State of Play

The first positive news for a while is that our 6th Year students are returning to school on Monday. All going well, the indications seem to be that April 12th is the talked-about date for 1st Year to be back, which would give us four more weeks of online learning to navigate. I can only imagine the difficulties of juggling working from home, managing a collection of children in different rooms, all working off different timetables and all complaining about a variety of device and wifi issues! At the other end of the Zoom call, it has also been very impressive to see how teachers have managed to deal with the unique challenges placed before them - Keeping on top of their own family commitments while jumping between 6th Years who are understandably stressed to the nines about their Leaving Cert, 3rd Years who are unsure what exams they will even have, and multiple other classes in-between! There's no doubt that these are very difficult times for everyone, so fingers crossed that we can start counting down and can see this as our 4th last week of remote schooling.  

Weekly Tasks

One big apology in advance - Lots of the boys have been requesting an online gaming tournament. I've been avoiding this up till now because as you will have noticed, all of the activities set for them so far have been designed to get them away from computers, playstations, phones, etc. In fairness to them however, I felt that I had to do it sometime, so it has been scheduled for next week. (I'll get back to some more hands-on activities next time). You can see the details BY CLICKING HERE.

Parents' Association

Your parent reps (Georgina and Martin) have asked me to share the following with you...

"Hi folks,

We now have agreement from the school on the collection of contact information from parents.

The form includes separate agreements to share contact details with the Parents Association and with other parents in the year group.

One parent can complete the form for both, or each parent can complete the form separately.

The form can be completed using a phone, tablet or computer by CLICKING HERE."


I did receive one message asking would we be assigning fun tasks and activities for weary parents! Unfortunately not. But just in case anyone is looking for something new to read, watch, or listen to, here's a few ideas...

Read: The Teenager's Book of Life. CLICK HERE.

Listen: Talking to Teens Podcast. CLICK HERE.

Do: Ask your son to teach you how to play Rocket League (he'll be practising for next week)!

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