St.Michael's College

October 23rd

With school closed all next week for the mid-term break, just a couple of announcements...


We had our whole school fancy dress day today and it was great fun all-round. You can see what the 1st Years got up to by CLICKING HERE. It was really interesting to see how the senior years in school had almost 100% participation, whereas about 40 of the 1st Years were definitely reluctant to take part. Days like this are always a great chance to see who is genuinely comfortable in themselves - Often the guys who it seems have most confidence in school, are actually the ones most influenced by how they feel others might perceive them.


Our first two days back after the mid-term (November 2nd and 3rd) are the vaccination days for 1st Year students. Anyone who returned their vaccine forms a few weeks ago will be involved. The process is pretty straightforward and the boys just get taken out of class for a few minutes, get their vaccines and then go back to class. If you have any questions about the vaccine process, it's probably best to contact the HSE directly about that.

Enjoy the break!

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