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November 25th


We had a big day last Saturday, as over 60 of the 1st Year boys completed their November Challenge, swimming a mile in the school pool. As many of you have heard, the pool (which we've had for over 50 years) is soon to be demolished to make way for a new STEM block (and a new bigger pool). It was great to give the 1st Years a chance to use the old pool before we say goodbye to it. It has also been really impressive to see how many of the boys have been willing to sign up, get involved, mix with new people, and step outside of their comfort zones in our monthly activities. Our December Challenge will be launched on the 1st and the details will be shared here next week.  

Covid Guidelines

With everyone needing to be extra careful as exam and holiday season arrives, I've pasted below the guidelines that are sent to anyone whose son is unwell or who is a close contact of someone else who is:

A Student Who Is A Close Contact: If a student is a close contact of anyone with confirmed Covid, the following guidelines apply: CLICK HERE. (The top half of the page is for students who have not yet turned 13, the bottom half for students who have turned 13).

A Student With Symptoms Themselves: If a student is presenting with any Covid symptoms, he should be kept at home and a GP contacted. If the GP refers for a COVID test, the student may return to school once the result is negative. (Antigen tests are not sufficient). If the student is Covid positive, then all HSE guidelines should be followed regarding isolation (current summary below).

A Student With Confirmed Covid: If a student receives a positive Covid test, he should keep isolating until both of the following apply: a) He has not had a high temperature (38 degrees Celsius or over) for 5 days; and b) It has been 10 days since he first developed symptoms.

Keeping Up With School-Work: If a parent wants to collect books for any student who is isolating at home, please let the Year Head know. We can arrange that the books are left at the admin office for collection (parents should not come to the locker area themselves). The boys can check any homework by logging-in to Google Classroom, messaging classmates, or emailing teacher(s) directly.

Activities During Exams

When the Christmas exams begin, arrangements for after-school activities will vary from activity to activity. Some will come to a stop until the New Year, whereas others may be able to continue. This is mainly a result of facilities being available - For example, desks and chairs will be set up in the Sports Hall for exams, so things like Archery and Basketball are unlikely to continue. The boys will be advised to keep an eye on Google Classroom, or to ask the teachers in charge of any activities they participate in.


Finally, just a reminder that if you are buying a Christmas tree, the 5th Year students are now selling trees from the car park area (they are located behind the swimming pool). They are open from 9am to 6pm and would be more than happy to see you.


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