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Plan Your Time For Each Study Session

Before you start to study you need to plan: Organisation is key!  It is important to plan out your revision as you come up to exams.  You should regularly revise topics but it helps to use a planning method to make sure you are focusing on all your subjects and giving time to areas you find more challenging. Here are some resources that you can use to help you plan your weekly schedule.  Remember to build homework into your study routine as that is valuable revision too. Click below for... 

Junior Cycle 'Tasktable' Instructions.

Senior Cycle 'Taskable' Instructions.

Your Study 'Tasktable.'

How to Learn From Textbooks.

It might sound obvious but get organised!  A neat locker, notes arranged in subject folders and making sure you have all your textbooks and resources is a good start. See how much time you should allocate to study & homework every night.  Your Year Head will advise you about this.

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